Arrowhead Ranch Pryor Mountain Mustangs


We have a small ranch in Massachusetts called the “Arrowhead Ranch” named for the original name of the Pryor Mountains. Our reason for this
is we are raising Pryor Mountain Spanish Mustangs.

It all started when we purchased a little cabin in the Pryor Mountains.
We visited the Prior Mountain Wild Horse Range and became quite taken with the line back duns with the two-tone mane & tail and the distinct stripes on the legs & withers. After researching and finding out how rare these horses were and that they have been studied, tested, and believed to be genetically linked to the herd that came over with Cortez, we were completely taken.

Further research led us to a couple named Dale & Daphne Hartman in Lovell, Wyoming who had adopted some and were breeding and promoting this beautiful breed with the hope of increasing the numbers. We purchased our first two mares and a beautiful stallion and our
venture began.

We immediately began getting the story out with newspaper articles and pictures, several horse magazines articles.