Arrowhead Ranch Pryor Mountain Mustangs


At this time, we have two weanlings and several, one and two years old available for purchase if you are interested in owning a beautiful, loving piece of history.

If your not in a position to own at this time, we have a donation program set up to help with the increasing expenses of maintaining this herd. The cost of hay has doubled in the recent years and the grain, in volume and cost, has greatly increased. With this many horses, the ferrier and vet bills for shots, check-ups, and regular maintenance has increased.

We take our responsibility to these horses very seriously. They didn't ask to be brought here nor to be born into our family and know we owe them all that they need.

Any donations towards helping preserve this breed would be truly appreciated.

Contact Red or Arlene at the Arrowhead Ranch for more information. The ranch is open for anyone to visit and get to know these wonderful horses. (Phone: 978-939-5653 - Red's Cell: 978-314-1801)

Please make checks payable to: "Arrowhead Ranch".